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Strength Training with Inger in Dubai is a 12-week online training program. The goal is to structure your training and to make you stronger. While having fun. I can’t promise you abs or killer glutes, but I can promise you lots of good workouts. If you simply want to follow a fun, relatively hard training program with me, then this is for you.

The main focus is compound and bodyweight exercises, as well as some 3D training for movement variation. The program has 3-4 full body workouts each week. The 4th session is optional, and you can still get awesome results with the main 3. Halfway through the 12 weeks we change program and 4 new workouts are presented.

My dear husband is the mastermind behind the programming, but he has made the programs very Inger-typical. Simple, yet hard that is.

I wouldn’t recommend this program if you are completely new to strength training, a minimum of 6-12 months of regularly lifting weights is advised. There are no highly technical exercises involved, so the workouts should be doable for those with basic strength training experience. Techniques and execution are thoroughly explained in the videos, so it’s ok if you don’t know what I mean by “buglarian split squat”- we’ll show you! If needed we can make individual adjustments (e.g injuries, mobility, available equipment, training experience).

You will need a well equipped home-gym (barbells, dumbells, pullups rack and cable machine), or access to a gym.

The workouts will be presented and logged through an app where each movement is shown by video. Through this app we can see your progress, and check if you are following the programs. The app has a message-function where you can send me whatever question you may have.

As a participant you become a member of a private Facebook group where we motivate and help each other out. The group also works as communication between me and you, for questions or tips.

To measure progress we have a few recommended tests to do before, during and after the 12 weeks, but these are 100% optional and training “just for fun” is allowed.

As you hopefully know nutrition plays a big role when it comes to training and results. Still, no specific diet or meal plan is included in this program. This is first and foremost a training plan, and we wish to focus on having a positive training experience, as opposed to weight gain or weight loss. General dietary guidelines will be provided, and we can help with adjusting your diet for weight management.

You’ll get:

  • 12 week traningprogram
  • 4 (3) fullbody workouts each week (day 4 is optional!) as well as tips for cardio workouts
  • Access to private training app with video and explanation of programsmember in private Facebook group for motivation and support
  • General dietary guidelines

Price: $297

Are you keen?
If so the next steps are as following:

  • Send an email to with topic “Strength training with Inger in Dubai” with:
    • name
    • age
    • location
    • a little bit about yourself, your training background, and why you want to join
  • You will get an email with payment information through PayPal
  • Pay (note that your registration is only confirmed once payment is received)
  • Add me (Inger Houghton) on Facebook so that I can add you to the group
  • When we receive your payment you will get access to the app and training programs and the fun can begin!

Collective startdate is Monday 21st of August (if you wish to start at a later date then that works too).

Send me an email to to sign up.

Hope you want to join us!