Mandag 25. januar

Tirsdag 26. januar
A1) 6 x 3 clean & jerk @ 55kg
B1) 4 x 6 overhead squat @ 50kg
B2) 4 x 6 nøytrale pullups
C1) 3 x 20 KB swings @ 24kg
C2) 3 x 20 gående utfall @ 2 x 16kg

Onsdag 27. januar
45 min gåtur

Torsdag 28. januar
45 min gåtur

Fredag 29. januar
30 min jogg med Kaia

Lørdag 30. januar
A1) 3 x 15 markløft @ 80kg
A2) 3 x 10 skulderpress @ 30kg
A3) 3 x 20 wallballs @ 16lbs
B1) 3 x 15+10 hofteløft @ 50kg
B2) 3 x 10 kipping pullups
B3) 3 x 20 KB swings @ 24kg

Søndag 31. januar
30 min jogg med Kaia


6 kommentarer om “TRENINGSDAGBOK UKE 4

  1. Hei beste Inger!
    Jeg får ikke til GHD, kommer meg ikke opp fra bunnposisjon. Noen tips?
    Og hva mener du med 15+10 på hiplift?

    Mvh superfan Ingrid 😊✌🏼️

    1. Da ville jeg øvd meg på andre varianter, som f.eks ryggløft og negative glute ham raise/ nordic hamstrings.

      Med 15+10 mener jeg 15 hele repetisjoner og 10 halve. De halve ser ikke særlig smarte ut, men oj som de svir i rumpa ;-)

      1. Takk for bra tips! :D

        10 halve jaa, gjør du de etter de 15 vanlige repsene eller i mellom slik som på bulgarisk split, 1 1/2 reps?

        P.S etter inspirasjon fra deg har jeg nå 5 dager sjokoladefri fram til lørdag og gleder meg allerede til lørdag, uff hahaha.

  2. Hi Inger! I’ve followed you on Instagram for about 1,5 years now and I have to say you’re my true workout inspiration! I sometimes visit your blog and translate your texts from Norwegian to English :D #thanksgoogletranslator

    ANYWAY – I’ve taken a look at your eating habits and it seems that you eat a lot of veggies and meat/fish/chicken. Do you eat carbs that much (can’t usually see any pasta/potato/rice/sweet potato on your plates)? Of course right now you have your sweet little girl, but I’m quite interested in how you ate when you exercised even more than today. I do a lot of crosstraining, weightlifting and HIIT these days (not in a competitive way) and I’m trying to figure out what is the best possible «diet» (no way not like DIET, I love food) for me. I’d appreciate your view on the carb thing and how eating them/not eating them affects on working out/body and recovery. I already know that you used to do the intermittent fasting thing, but that doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. :)

    Wow this was a long comment. Anyway, thanks if you have time to answer my question. I’ll continue at following you on Instagram and browsing through your blog every once in a while. Congrats on your little baby girls, she is adorbz! ^_^ Greetings from Finland!

    1. Hi!

      Woah, I always get a bit worried when people tell me they read my blog using google translate- I just hope it doesn’t make me sound like a complete idiot :-D

      Yes, my meals were/are usually meat and veggies. The main reason is lazyness but also we did lowcarb many years ago, and since then I just got used to not having rice or potatoes with my meals. I got most of my carbs from chocolate and fruits, but when we go out for dinner I eat bread and rice. I really never had a plan, and would most likely have benefits fron eating more carbs from rice and potatoes, but yeah, I’m lazy and chocolate tastes better ;-)

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